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Allergy testing device from Imutest - results as reliable as a doctor's test in just 30 minutes

Allergy testing has never been easier

This simple and elegant allergy testing device known as Imutest was developed in the UK by allergy experts and will help you find out whether your symptoms are likely to be triggered by an allergy or not and which of the most common allergens are likely to be contributing to your symptoms.

Giving results equivalent to hospital laboratory tests and skin tests, this instant home allergy test is a million times more sensitive than most food intolerance tests, yet only requires a finger prick blood drop and takes just 30 minutes.

A result as soon as tomorrow morning

The only complete allergy test range designed specifically for use at home.

Take the first step towards an allergy diagnosis today...

Is an allergy triggering your symptoms?

There is an Imutest for each of the most common allergy triggers of asthma, eczema and food allergy symptoms as well as a general allergy test to help you take the first steps towards an allergy diagnosis.

Call us on 0845 094 1861 and you could have a result as soon as tomorrow morning.

Is the test for you?

If your doctor has prescribed inhalers for asthma, steroid cream for eczema or antihistamines for allergy symptoms then you could benefit by finding out whether an allergy really is likely to be triggering your symptoms - or not.

Our instant Imutest allergy tests will give you a result within 30 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Family history of allergy?

Allergies also runs in families.

You might also benefit form allergy tests if you have allergy symptoms and a close relative has been diagnosed with allergies.

The risk of you having allergies rises to 80% if both your parents have allergies and around 50% if just one of your parents has allergies.

Order your instant allergy test kit today

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